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First DeFi tokenization of traditional assets with option to receive traditional dividends with up to 100% bonus through native token $MSC!.


Staking is a simple way to earn passive income. To do so, simply deposit your coins in the pools available on the platform. When storing these coins for a period of time, you will receive MSC according to PERCENTAGE REMUNERATION (APR – Annual Percentage Rate). Available pools: MSC, TRX, BUSD, DOGE and PSG.


Farming is about adding liquidity to the asset and getting more coins in the form of passive income. In Farming, it is necessary to acquire LP Tokens (Liquidity Providers), which is a combination of two assets. By purchasing LP Tokens, you become a liquidity provider within your chosen Farm and as passive income you will receive MSC according to your participation. Today we have the MSC-BNB, MSC-BUSD and DOGE-BNB Farms. FARM can generate more passive income than STAKE, but has the risk of impermanent loss.


When you provide liquidity to a liquidity pool and the price of the deposited assets changes compared to their previous value, at the time of deposit, an impermanent loss occurs. The greater the change, the greater your exposure to the impermanent loss. This means that at the time of withdrawal of funds you will have less dollar value than at the time of deposit.


Unlike STAKING and FARMING, in syrup pools you deposit the Pool Party's native token and as passive income you will receive another asset. Imagine the following example: you deposit your MSC tokens and as passive income you will receive the asset BTT (Bit Torrent). We will soon release the assets of our syrup pools. As you saw in the article, STAKING, FARMING and SYRUP POOL are simple and advantageous ways to get passive income, just choose the desired option and let your coins pay off.


Implementation Sheet

10/14 june 2021
Public Sale start - Listing on PancakeSwap
24 June 2021
UPDATE New website, platform overview, ADS pre offer
30 June 2021
Apply for Syrup pool on PancakeSwap Live Now
10 August 2021
$MSC (PoolParty) on Coingecko and Coinmarketcap
Q3 2021
Launch Staking
Q1 2022
DefiGames e loteria


Lorran Ruiz
Marcello Florencio
Renato Ulianov
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